Notification: about conducting acceptance inspection of laboratory management system
[ Published: 2017-04-02     Author:Office Of Laboratory & Facility Management ]

All schools and colleges:

According to XMU relevant plans, acceptance inspection of projects started in 2016 will be launched and notifications are as below:

1.Requests of acceptance

1)Reports of construction must contain sections such as construction progress, benefit goal realization, instruments sharing status and fund allocation, etc. Modification and adjustment of the project should be explained in detail and relevant documents must be attached. Project’s contribution to valuable instrument sharing should be analyzed and achievements should be listed. Reports must cover all aspects of the project and data must be reliable.

2)Self-inspection of the project should be launched. Hardware, running status, instrument location, competent department and custodian must be checked detail by detail.


1)All relevant schools and colleges must finish self-acceptance inspection before May 10th, 2017. Documents in Attachment 1 must be completed.

2)XMU will conduct acceptance inspection at the end of May and detailed schedule will be published later on.

3)Professionals from Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China will conduct acceptance inspection during June and July of 2017 and inspection results will be regarded as an important reference of next annual fund allocation.


Paper documents in Attachment 1 must be submitted to Office of Laboratory & Facility Management before May 10th, 2017 and electronic versions should be sent to


For more information, please contact LUO Jianliang (Tel:2184955).

Attachment 1: 附件.rar 

Office of Laboratory & Facility Management

March 29th, 2017