Urgent message: about submitting hazardous chemical data
[ Published: 2017-01-24     Author:Office Of Laboratory & Facility Management ]

All colleges and schools:

Based on reports of recent safety inspections, some colleges or schools still purchase hazardous chemicals without permission. Emergency notices are as below:

1.All colleges and schools immediately launch safety inspection to collect data of hazardous chemicals’ quantity, specification, location, inventory, user and keeper and to check whether management of hazardous chemicals is consistent with laws and regulations. Explosive, poisonous, radioactive, corrosive chemicals must be paid enough attention, while quantity, specification, location, purchaser, keeper and inventory must be inspected and reported.

2.All colleges and schools immediately establish hazardous chemical accountings and keep hazardous chemicals as requested to ensure safety of the campus.

3.All colleges and schools must submit safety inspection reports and accountings to Office of Laboratory & Facility Management before January 26th.


National laws and regulations for hazardous chemical can be viewed at official website of State Administration of Work Safety: http://www.chinasafety.gov.cn/newpage/Contents/Channel_4188/2015/0309/247041/content_247041.htm .


For more detailed information, please contact WU, Huiming (Tel: 2182575 Email: whm@xmu.edu.cn).

Office of Laboratory & Facility Management

January 23rd, 2017