Notification: about launching laboratory safety inspection
[ Published: 2017-03-08     Author:Office Of Laboratory & Facility Management ]

All colleges and schools:

BRICS summit will be held in Xiamen in September 2017. In order to ensure security of XMU campus, safety self-inspection must be launched. Notifications are as below:

1.Range of safety inspection

All laboratories that apply pathogens, hazardous chemicals, flammable chemicals, explosive chemicals and radioactive substances must start safety inspection.

2.Highlights of safety inspection

1)Implementation duty system

2)Status of management system establishment and running

3)Status of safety knowledge and operation training

4)Custody of hazardous chemicals

5)Recycle and dispose of hazardous wastes

6)Emergency plans

3.Other demands

1)Re-inspection will be launched by Office of Laboratory & Facility Management later on to check whether problems are fixed.


For more detailed information, please contact WU, Huiming (Tel: 2182575).


Office of Laboratory & Facility Management

March 8th, 2017