Notification: about laboratory chemicals handover before graduation
[ Published: 2017-05-29     Author:Office Of Laboratory & Facility Management ]

All schools and colleges:

2017 Graduation Season is coming and before students leaving laboratories, relevant schools and colleges must regulate laboratory chemicals handover.

1. Students must return laboratory chemicals to their laboratories before graduation. All relevant schools, colleges and laboratories must appoint staff in charge of handover and quantity check. Schools, colleges and laboratories must have records which can ensure recording accuracy of chemicals categories and quantities. Laboratory chemicals must not be taken out of campus without permission.

2. All relevant schools, colleges and laboratories must handle laboratory chemicals handed in by students in proper ways, especially for hazardous, flammable and explosive chemicals. These chemicals must be classified as recyclable and waste and waste chemicals must be handed in to Department for Assets and Logistics Affairs which will arrange following dispose procedures. Laboratory chemicals handed in by students, especially for hazardous, flammable and explosive chemicals, must be stored as classification to ensure laboratory safety and chemical records must be updated in time.

Office of Laboratory & Facility Management will arrange safety supervisors to check chemicals handover status.

For more information, please contact WU, Huiming(Office of Laboratory & Facility Management).

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Xiamen University Board of Laboratory Safety Management Office